Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bolwell Easter 2013, Albany day 2

Today was based around the concourse event down at Eyre Park in Albany.

A short bit of organising to ready the cars and then the procession of vehicles down to the park commenced.

With 15 cars travelling in convoy there were a few looks and then the cars were staged in no particular order for the judging and public viewing.

A succession of locals and out of towners came through to look at and enquire about the cars.

This included a couple of vehicles from hot rod group in town also enjoying the weekend.

Judging took place.

And lunch was served and enjoyed.

Before the cars were arranged for a photo shoot (the first of a couple?).

With the photos of the group completed a run back in to town via the south of Mt Adelaide was enjoyed, though sloooow single lane back up through Albany centre would have been a lot more trouble with another 10 degrees of temperature.

With some spare time in the afternoon a few if the cars made it down to the show and shine the hot rods were having. This provided an hour or so of browsing another breed of car before cleaning up for the evenings entertainment.

The entertainment was lessened with notice of the newest Nagari not keeping all of its fuel internally (but I know a Mark 7 that does the same, so it's not something new in the family). So a quick adjustment of parking location and then boarding the bus to dinner.

Dinner was preceded with a tour of the Albany Whale World which was an informational tour of the old whale processing facility.

Then food and drinks and laughter.

And a bus trip back to the hotel and sweet dreams for tomorrows motorkhana.

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