Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bolwell Ester 2013 - Albany Day 1

Firstly, thank you to all those who arranged and helped to arrange the weekend, it's been a great start so far to the Bolwell Easter Meeting, 2013.

So we had cars from around the southern half of the country head to Albany for a couple of days of mutual adoration, plus the people get to catch up with each other, renew and make new friendships, and generally all behave like teenagers with toys again.

Cars were brought to town on trailers and behind vans.

And as we love our fiberglass cars, we're not too picky about who joins the gang.

a J&S Hunter

a GT 40 replica

In the Bolwell range a nice selection, though not complete (but a November Celebration of Motorsport will hopefully have such)

a Mark 4 (with night cap on)

A couple of Mark Sevens

And the Nagari

Plus the new Mark 10 Nagari

But with the door sill (though not as wide as the GT 40), it's still not that much easier to get out of than a normal Bolwell.

People needed to road test the cars to make sure everything survived the trip down.

There were cars of passing generations

Some cars (well most Bolwells really) still have the odd improvement/adjustment still to be completed.

And some just needed to be pondered over.

Once everyone had sorted out their cars, a little tlc finishes off the serious part of the day.

 Before we can hang out and do what we've apparently always done, eat, drink and be merry (and say what we'd like to still do to the car).

 And I apologise to the car or two that isn't shown. But I'm sure that'll be rectified when we have our Concourse event tomorrow (today).

Hooray, I can take more photos :)

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