Friday, April 5, 2013

Bolwell Easter 2013 - Albany Day 3

That's right, it's motorkhana day :)

So a lazy drive down through Albany centre to the CBH grain terminal at Albany wharf allowed everyone to undo the cleanliness of Saturdays concourse.

Upon arrival, forms were filled out (just in case we broke something).

And then the fun began. The first effort was an up and back. Unfortunately someone put some cones in the way that we had to weave between (or move them to a new position, which was certainly my preference). Even our motorkhana helper from the Mini club (thanks for helping set up and organise the location and day) gave it a go in his fire vehicle.

From this a cloverleaf pattern was attempted.

With the last course being a weaving square. It makes sense what that is if you were there.

In between runs in their own cars, people took lifts with others, made use of spare cars, or just stood around chatting and enjoying the show.

Following the finale of a straight up and back so the boys could do some speed testing (it was an unofficial stage, so no monitoring or photos, just a couple of poor quality videos).

We then commenced a trail run, where questions were answered at various locations around Albany.

Before moving back to the motel for the presentation dinner and drink, with trophies being presented to those who's cars made a good impression.

Concourse and Trail - John and Penny Hartney - Nagari

Motorkhana - Mike Julien - Mark 7

Shakespeare Trophy - Henry Stork - Nagari

Easter Champion - Alan and Shirley Harmer - Nagari

It was a great weekend and a good change for many people to catch up and look at how cars can be managed and modified in ways not everyone would think of (but usually in a positive way). And to quote Stacey, "The Prez"...

All the results where very close and is a testament to the continuing quality and hp red eyed mist of the members.
Albany turned on a beautiful 4 days and the venues where great. The people involved in organising the weekend did just great.
Roz (now queen Roz) and Chris did great with the food,venues and accommodation.
Baz, who was going to become a hermit after the lack of cams response (and still none) did wonders with the motorkhana. Luckily cams have competion with a company that does actually foster the grass roots events! 
Kevin and Denise did a great job on the trail as no one was going to murder either them or each other and we got to see Albany.
There where a few hard luck stories. Ross Lowe worked extremely hard to get the Ikarra ready only to burn a clutch the night before and tore his muscle. Eddie and Olivia had to pull out at the last minute as Eddie is not a well chappy (get better me boy soon).

Dean, or as I was told was going to drive the mk4,George, will have to wait for his ...
I ragged Dean for not coming for months only to have him turn up. As he is confused by his name, he is now known as Gordean.
John! To say that the new Nagari would not be here and ably kept a secret by Kim, Anne and Sue, is the ultimate . And to top it off, he drove a least a dozen times passed my place, each time saying, please don't let Stacey be around.....For the Bolwell corp to let John use it until his is ready is really great and it certainly attracted MEGA attention where ever it went.
Also , even tho he got me good, John and Sue deserve a great thankyou for their donation to the club that paid for the licenses.
And finally, the people who attended and made the event. 
Gary Turner, from the mini car club and helped set up the motorkhana and supplied the fire tender, summed up the atmosphere great.
He said ,' I want to join your club because you are all such a happy, friendly easy going bunch of people'. 
And that we certainly are. Can not wait for the next Easter which will be organised by the big V...oh didnt you know. No wonder the vics are going back very slowly..
Stacey. A pres who was got at real good...

And I look forward to next years Easter meeting in Victoria at a location yet to be unveiled.

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