Sunday, December 2, 2012

Improving Perth Traffic Congestion

It seems like a great idea. The government and opposition both start promising a lot of love a few months ahead of time and start cancelling a few months past time. That said, the northern and southern corridors certainly get a bit more follow through on ideas and promises. It was only four years ago that Ellenbrook was going to have a train line installed within a few years. Here we are again and the train line is history, so we were going to get express buses which was too hard, so its still a restricted timetable using public transport between a city regional centre and the city. We are getting some traffic lights though which makes traffic even slower with the population of the area continuing to grow. Im sure the northern suburbs understand that, but hey, at least you have two lanes on a lot of your roads.
Maybe multiple lane roads with a shoulder wide enough for cyclists, some buses (preferably with some coordinated drivers) and presto, traffic congestion eases a little. Or is that all too much to ask?

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