Monday, November 26, 2012

Old Coast Rd Brewery with BCCWA

On Sunday the Bolwell Car Club of WA decided it was worth a trundle a little further south than usual in a bid to see some of our more southerly members. This involved the first location of grouping to be the Mundijong Rd car park just off the freeway. This wasn't too bad an idea, but with schoolies taking place the road was anything but free. So a little late our group set out from the car park to continue south to the Old Coast Rd Brewery for lunch and a catch up.

The brewery was in full flight on a glorious spring afternoon. Pretty much every table was in use, kids were playing out on the grass, and a random was playing guitar and singing, or something like that. And with 20 Bolwell associated people arriving , it made for a well talked out and relaxing afternoon. Besides which the food was pretty good and the beer certainly earns its pass marks. The only downside was knowing it was a two hour drive back home so only one drink was to be drunk. Who puts a pub in the middle of nowhere?

The three Bolwells that parked up were (in receding age) a Nagari (bottom), a Mark 7 (top) and a Mark 4 (middle). For some reason they drew a little bit of attention from the crowd, and even a relation of the founding Bolwell men themselves. But it was a good day to catch up, talk over those little projects that the cars need working on (there's an Easter meeting coming up you know) and relax. Then all that was left was the drive home, with not so many schoolies thankfully.

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